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10 Ways to Improve Your Productivity

You don't have to burn the candle at both ends to get more done. 

Make it a priority this year to improve your productivity skills with these 10 tips that will help you get to the source of the problem and fix it.

Not just a band aid. These are real steps to make the most of your time and get more done without overwhelm and burnout.


2023 Sprint Calendar

Working in Sprints is one of the best ways to manage your workload, keep distractions at bay and create a flexible yet productive work management system. Get started by downloading the 2023 Sprint Calendar and learn to work in Sprints.

2023 Sprint Calendar

Strategic Plan for Entrepreneurs

If you are struggling to achieve your goals, it might be time to start formalizing your business a bit more.

Strategic plans are not just for big companies. Us little guys need to make plans too and a strategic plan will help you establish your brand position in the market and tell your story, your mission, values and vision. 

Plus, you'll set goals for your business and how you will achieve those goals. Let's do this!


3 Ways to Assess Your Business

For a Better 2023

In the early days of an online business, it can be easy to focus on vanity metrics, like follows and likes, but those metrics are not a true measure of your business.

Even the amount of revenue you've generated may not be telling the whole story.

After all, if you are running yourself ragged and not living the life you had hoped for, you may not feel very successful.

This workbook will help you to think about assessing your business in other ways, your progress, your skillset and your systems.

3 Ways to Assess Your Business for a Better 2023

4 Steps to Better Work-Life Balance

for Entrepreneurs

Having a creative stump? Feeling burned out? Grab this workbook to learn the 4 steps to improving your work-life balance so you can take time to recharge and still get things done


Essential Systems

For Your Online Business

Essential systems can save you time, money, frustration and help you be more consistent.

Learn how to create your own systems and how they mature over time while serving your now.

Essential Systems

Foundation First

Business Model

for Your Online Business

Tired of feeling like your business is a monstrous mess of randomness? Subscribe and get this workbook and create a better foundation for your business. Be more consistent, more efficient and more confident.


Real Revenue Goals

A Workbook for Finding Your Real Number 

We hear it all the time. "Make $10K a Month!" Maybe you are even generating that kind of revenue and still feel like your working a low paying job. Learn how to create a more realistic goal and how to make it actually happen.


10 Minutes to Better Time Management

Make the most of the time you have, even if it's just a few hours a week, with our time management workbook. 

✔ understand the quantity & quality of your time

✔ understand the quantity & quality of your time

✔ communicate your time commitments effectively with your family to gain their support


The Weekly Dozen

12 Things I Do Every Week to

Get More Done and Still Have a Life

Want to know what my week looks like and how I keep myself centered, productive and moving forward toward my goals? Take a look at my weekly and daily routines and use it to help you find your rhythm.

👉 know how I make the most of my time so I can get important stuff done

👉 know how I create balance and nurture my relationships so I don't feel guilty and stay close to the ones I love.


The Value of Your Time & Offers

Are you tired of undervaluing and undercharging for your work?

👉 I did the research. Find out what I learned

👉 Get your prices aligned with industry standards

👉 Case study about a client who learned the value of her time.


Start Your Own Online Business, with Little Money

Starting an online business is easier than ever. Learn how you can start a business as a Virtual Assistant while you build your skills for your future dream business.

👉 assess your skills to determine what you can leverage for your new VA business

👉 get ideas about how to find clients and how to connect

👉 use your VA business as a stepping stone to your dream business


Quick Start to Better Implementation Practices

Learn the basic framework to better implementation and a sustainable business

👉 what is Scrum and why should you use it to implement your ideas

👉 learn the value of your time and why the quality of that time matters

👉 embrace progress over perfection and use continuous improvement to free yourself