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The Scrum Shop

Are you struggling to launch or grow your coaching, consulting or service based business?

Are you overwhelmed and unsure about how to launch or grow your business?

You're not alone. The majority of businesses that never get launched, fail to do so because they don't know what to focus on, leaving them overwhelmed, overspending and ultimately failing!

I've got you covered! My name is Cheryl Texeira and I'll help you launch your business, generate qualified leads and get your first paying clients in 90 days - Guaranteed!

Complete the form to the right, and I'll send you my 5 step process for launching your business, along with other helpful resources to skip the overwhelm, adopt strategies and make more profit.

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We're here to build businesses to success, one project at a time.

Hi I'm Cheryl

I'm the founder and CEO of THE SCRUM SHOP©. I hold certifications in project management and in Scrum.  I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics with an emphasis on teaching and a background in computer programming and project management.

I have a knack for breaking complex things down into simple, logical steps.

THE SCRUM SHOP© is a practicing Scrum shop dedicated to bringing the power of Scrum to fast track coaches, course creators and professionals who want to build and sell their offers using the best marketing strategies and the most efficient processes and systems all while preventing them from being overwhelmed, overworked and burned out.

I built my business while working a 9-5 in software development and have since left that 9-5 to focus completely on my business.  

Let me show you how to build a successful and sustainable business so you'll love what you do and have more freedom too.

What the heck is a Scrum Shop anyway?

Scrum is Used by Software and Marketing Firms Worldwide and . . .

is increasingly being used in the Coaching World.

Scrum is a framework for managing projects that emphasizes teamwork, accountability and iterative progress toward a well-defined goal.

The framework begins with a simple 5 step premise:

  • identify the problem/need

  • determine a solution

  • build at least part of it

  • measure its success

  • continually improve until it is optimized

A Scrum Shop is a company that uses the Scrum framework to rapidly develop quality solutions for their clients and customers.  

Scrum Shops are known to be fun places to work that respects their people and protects them from

  • overwhelm

  • overtime

  • burn out

The result is quality products, solutions and marketing that are delivered on time by inspired, innovative and motivated people who are making an impact.

THE SCRUM SHOP© has simplified and customized this framework for entrepreneurs, even if you work alone, so you can build a fun, exciting and successful business and live your best life.