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Are Your Projects Draining Your Bank Account?

Setting a budget for your projects is the first step in ensuring a healthy return on investment (ROI). 

This workbook contains a checklist and worksheet for you set and track your project budget.

Hi, I'm Cheryl

When it comes managing project success, there are many factors we can consider to measure success.  But the return on investment is a great way for us to not only measure the success, but also to know how much we can reinvest in tha project for continuou improvement.

Big companies, like Apple, Microsoft and Google measure the return on investment.  That's how they determine whether it's time to retire a product or continue its development.

When you think futher about this, the ROI is the measurement used by companies like Wal Mart to determine whether a store should remain open or not.  Just because one store isn't performing, does not mean the whole company should go under.  On the contrary, Wal Mart would just close that underperforming store (or work to improve its performance) because the ROI is measured for each store individually.

It's the same for your business.  If you have a product that is under performing, take action to improve the ROI, or retire the product and move on.  Download this workbook for a super simple way to measure the ROI of your project.

Cheryl Texeira, founder of The Scrum Shop