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Take Charge of Your Biz

Stop Overwhelm and Get Organized

Take Charge of YourBiz

Building your online business does not have to be overwhelming and stressful.

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Meet Cheryl

Cheryl Texeira is the business mentor for growth-focused coaches, course creators and service professionals  who are determined to create a sustainable business without overwhelm by supporting them through a full spectrum business success framework. 


Using her proprietary P.A.C.E. framework (Projects, Accountability, Continuous Improvement, Endurance) that prevents overwhelm, stops strategy confusion and makes implementation a breeze, entrepreneurs can build a business that will endure through the years, leave a legacy and bring them time freedom.

Cheryl has a background in IT and project management, holding certifications in both traditional project management and Scrum, the agile framework that has become a staple in IT shops and marketing agencies worldwide.

Cheryl has a passion for helping entrepreneurs who struggle knowing what to do to create a profitable business and find themselves overwhelmed, procrastinating or simply avoiding the hard stuff, to learn simple project management strategies to build out their businesses with clarity and ease.

Cheryl Texeira, founder of The Scrum Shop

You Don't have to Struggle Anymore!

It's time to take charge of your business and stop letting it run your life.

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