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Does this sound familiar?

You have skills and experience that you know can help others.

So you launched an online coaching, course creator or service business. 

But when you work on your business you get so overwhelmed by your to-do list and worry over whether you are doing things "right" or doing the "right" things that you get stuck and can't seem to get ANYTHING done.

Before you know it, you're down a rabbit hole on the next shiny object because you are sure you're missing something but just can't figure out what it is. 

I can help.

frustrated entrepreneur

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Cheryl Texeira

I'm in your corner now...

I've learned a few things about how to cut through the noise and break things down into manageable projects so you can build your business with focus and confidence.

To say I've got your back is an understatement. 

I have a passion for teaching online coaches, course creators and service professionals and side-hustlers how to stop feeling overwhelmed and out of control and start being in charge of their businesses. So, let's do this!

I'm In! Let's Go

"I highly recommend Cheryl’s teachings and programs for anyone who wants to overcome feelings of overwhelm and build something sustainable, without giving up your life in the process!" 

~Beth, Life Coach

I highly recommend Cheryl's teachings

Let's Get You Organized and Ready for Clients

What Would it Feel Like...

  • to stop wasting time organizing and reorganizing your business because you have a system that works and you can depend on

  • to have clarity about what you're working on now and keep your backlog of projects safely off your radar so they don’t distract and overwhelm you

  • to manage and focus your learning and leverage the courses you’ve purchased as a business asset so you never go down a rabbit hole on the next shiny object

  • and how would it feel...

  • to step away from your desk with confidence because you got your work done and know exactly how to get back to it tomorrow

  • to take time away from your business without guilt and without losing momentum

  • That Sounds Great! Yes!

    "I really believe what I learned just in a short time of applying her methods will change the way I blog and plan. It will probably even impact how I manage my home (so many applications for the Scrum method!) I’d never heard of Scrum before working with her and taking the Scrum Challenge. But now that I have, I can’t imagine going back."

    ~Andrea, Decluttering & Simplifying Coach

    Coaches, Course Creators & Service Professionals

    Here are some of the foundational systems you'll have in place. The training is quick & easy to consume so you won't spend hours and hours stuck in the learning process.

    Time and Work Management System

    Business success starts with your ability to manage your time and your work. In just a few minutes a day, you will master both and have a system to lean on if you start feeling overwhelmed.

    Learning Management System

    End Shiny Object Syndrome once and for all with my learning management system that focuses your learning and leverages the courses and resources you already have as a business asset so you don't get derailed by the learning curve.

    File Management System

    Stop wasting time hunting for files. Use my file management system and finally get those files organizes so you always know where your files are and you always know where they go.  

    Content Creation System

    Create content rapidly and consistently with my content creation and distribution system. Build a reusable library of content so you never run out of content or ideas and your prospects will think you're everywhere.

    And more...

    frustrated entrepreneur

    "If you are at all interested in decreasing the hours that you put into work each week, I would highly recommend getting plugged in with Cheryl.”

    ~Pam, Life Coach

    Hi I'm Cheryl

    I spent 25 years in the IT industry and I hold certifications in traditional project management and in Scrum, the agile project management framework that is revolutionizing how we manage projects to prevent overtime and burnout.

    I know how important work and project management is to the success of businesses but I also know that as an entrepreneur, you don't have time to be a full time project manager. That's why I created this bundle. 

    To provide you with the basic project management skills you need without all the excess so you can stop being overwhelmed and make the most of your time.

    This bundle will help you create some of the most important systems for the operations of your business and finally get this work management thing handled.

    frustrated entrepreneur

    I've got some awesome bonuses for you too

    I want you to feel confident as you build out your business and these bonuses are designed to empower and inspire. You'll have tools to grow your list and convert your prospects into clients, plus an ebook that will empower you to overcome any obstacle.

    Obstacle Slayer

    Strengthen your mindset. Whether it's tech skills, marketing challenges or time and implementation challenges, developing your problem solving skills will help you keep a more positive mindset and take obstacles in stride. Obstacles will be a part of your journey. Accepting it and rising to the challenge will prove to be the best thing you can do for your business.

    Freebie Finisher Template

    Lead magnets are a great way to grow your list. Make the most of your efforts and get that freebie doing work for you.

    Use this template to create pages that promote your offers, your weekly content, and any other event right in your freebie. Plus a template to show off testimonials and share some fun and interesting things about you. Includes a shadowbox layout template.

    Take Charge of Your Launch

    Create a conversion event like a webinar, masterclass or boot camp using this launch plan.  

    This plan is created as a timeline so you don't waste any time building out your launch. You'll know what to do and when to do it so you can launch in as little as 4 weeks.

    Includes a workbook section to document lessons learned.

    Give me instant access now!

    What's Included in Take Charge of Your Biz Bundle

    • Take Charge of Your Biz Challenge

    • This done for you time, work and project management system will keep you laser focused on your goals without feeling overwhelmed. Includes training in Trello and Jira.

    • Take Charge of Your Learning

    • Manage your courses and store the resources in an easy to retrieve system so you can target your learning as you work, rather than letting it derail your efforts and get you off track. 

    • Take Charge of Your Content Creation

    • Create content rapidly and consistently with my content creation system that builds in storing and tracking your content for easy retrieval so you can reuse and improve it. 

    • File Management Made Easy

    • Create your file storage system that is logical and makes files easy to find. You'll always know where to put your files and you'll never waste time looking for them either.

    • Quarterly Productivity Planner

    • Learn how to break your goals down into a quarterly plan, then break that quarterly plan into manageable tasks. Based on the Scrum Framework, you'll maximize your productivity without losing your life in the process.

    • Take Charge of Your Blog

    • Ever abandon your blog and see your traffic tank? Step away from your blog with a promo system that allows you to take time off without losing momentum on traffic.