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Building an online business is overwhelming. 

THE SCRUM SHOP© makes it easy.


Stop being overwhelmed and build your dream business


Hi I'm Cheryl

Building an online business can be a real challenge. 

If you are doing it alone, look out! The overwhelm of your to-do list can be paralyzing.

Turns out, the overwhelmed entrepreneur can also experience

  • a lack of confidence in their business idea

  • self-doubt, thinking, "Maybe I'm not cut out for this!"

  • perfectionism that keeps them stuck

Take Charge of Your Biz is a self-paced course to provide you with a productivity system that is 

  • simple to understand

  • easy to use

  • highly effective

  • When you take action by implementing this system, you'll find you're more confident and ready to build the business you dream about. 

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    Here are 3 Ways This Training Will

    Change Your Life Forever


    Plan less, do more!

    Plan effectively, so you actually implement your ideas and don’t stay stuck continuously organizing and reorganizing to find some way to make it all stick.


    You'll learn this one thing you can do in 10 minutes a day that will have you finishing tasks and hitting deadlines in 50% less time ... so that you can confidently walk away from your biz at the end of the day without guilt. 


    You'll learn why most entrepreneurs struggle to build the business of their dreams without sacrificing precious family time AND how your new productivity system will drastically improve your chances of being the best in both worlds. 



    The bottom line...

    The bottom line is that millions of businesses are opened each and every year and many of those businesses fail. It takes perseverance and tenacity to build the successful business you dream about.

    But productivity and implementation problems are an obstacle you can easily overcome with the Take Charge of Your Biz Challenge.

    I give you my personal guarantee!

    I have been a member and leader of implementation teams in the IT industry for over 20 years . I am a certified project manager and my goal is to bring you the very best implementation practices in the lightest way possible.

    If you are not 100% convinced that this system can and will increase your productivity, improve your implementation skills and move you closer to making your dream business a reality, then I will give you your money back!

    Amy Arthur

    Amy Arthur

    Founder, Cattle Upon a Hill

    "The scrum method that Cheryl teaches has helped me develop repeatable processes that have doubled productivity in my business. I feel like I am in control of my time rather than always scrambling to get things done."

    Leslee Dirnberger

    Leslee Dirnberger

    Founder, Aspire Education

    "Not only has Cheryl taken SCRUM principles and applied them for Entrepreneurs, but she also has a depth of knowledge in the tech industry that is invaluable!”

    A.H. Shell Singer

    A.H. Shell Singer

    Founder, Legendary Lionheart

    "This is already making a difference in my home life."

    Here is just some of what you'll learn...

    Quick & Easy

    Learn our system quickly while you implement it. In just one week you will feel in-charge of your business rather than it running you.


    Built-in accountability will have you walking away from your desk with the confidence that you will pick up right where you left off.

    Time Management

    Enjoy the flexibility of being self-employed while still getting things done with our signature time management strategy.


    Utilize excellent prioritization and estimating techniques so you never overcommit yourself and you never sit in front of your computer without any idea of what to do.

    Planning Strategy

    Learn our planning strategy based on the popular project management framework of Scrum and avoid late nights and feelings of guilt.

    Long Term Results

    Learn how to continue improving on your new productivity system to make it completely customized to you.  You'll realize long term benefits that will last the entire life of your business no matter what the niche.

    Plus... You'll get these bonuses

    Bonus #1

    Our unique quarterly planner that actually walks you through the brainstorming and planning process for easier weekly planning

    Bonus #2

    Got eCourses? We'll help you get them organized and show you how to leverage them for maximum benefit.

    Bonus #3

    Track your work online!

    We'll show you how to use free software for visually managing your work.

    Join the Take Charge of Your Biz Challenge Now...

    Get more done this week and gain the confidence you need to to build the business and lifestyle of your dreams.