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Get Started on Social Media

A Social Media Foundational Strategy For Introverts and Avoiders

I Got My Last 3 High Ticket Clients from Instagram with this Foundational Social Media System and You Can Too!

"I wish I would have done this sooner"

Are avoiding or neglecting social media marketing? 

Does the thought of being on camera give you the yips?

Are you looking for a solution that doesn’t raise your blood pressure, give you a panic attack or make you crawl under your covers and hide?

I have just the solution for you. And I wish I had done this sooner!

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You Know You Need it to Grow Your Business but...

Every time you try to get started, suddenly you have a million other things to do and so you avoid it once again (sigh).

And then there's the learning curve. If you're not already skilled on social media it takes time to learn. Just one more thing you have to learn, ugh!

Meanwhile, those people that started a business the same time you did, are on social media and seem to be killing it. 

Hi, I'm Cheryl

I started my business in 2019 using very little social media. I had accounts but didn't get started posting consistently until about 2021, because... well... I was avoiding it. Social Media wasn't something I did regularly and had to learn it!

You can hire a social media specialist to help you get started but if that isn't an option for you, I created a solution that works very well for me and provides a base of posts so that I know there will always be at least something being posted on my accounts each and every day.

This provided me with a buffer so I could take my time learning how to do more advanced strategies like creating video which requires skills in video recording, editing, overlays and more.  

We all know that social media is an important part of your business but if the learning curve is getting you down or you are a little shy and don't yet know how you want to "show up" on social media, this guide will help you get started too.

Cheryl Texeira

Get More Consistent on Social Media Today 

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