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Discover a step by step strategy to achieve your revenue goals so that you can end the spray and pray tactics for good!

Cheryl Texeira

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST


And I'll show you how to reach your

Revenue Goals

Consistently and Predictably


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Here's What You'll Learn

Strategic System

A system for implementing the critical steps that allow you to predictably achieve your revenue goals

Hi, I'm Cheryl

We all can get drawn in by talk of $10K months.

It's an sexy number that's easy to to talk about and entice prospective clients.

But I see 2 problems with this $10K/month buzz.

1. Nobody tells you HOW to achieve that number

2. Is $10K the real number you need to achieve financial freedom?

Let's face it, building and growing a profitable online business take a lot of work.

Nobody wants to do all this work just to create a low-paying job for themselves, or worst an expensive hobby.

That's why I created this webinar.

To show you what the real number is. The one that will change your life.

And to show you how to do it.

Join me for this free webinar and receive a free gift when you attend live.


  • want to know what your real revenue goal is and are ready to take the steps to achieve it

  • you feel overwhelmed already and don't see how you can do more to achieve your revenue goals (I'll show you how)

  • you've been able to generate some revenue but you can't seem to do it consistently and frankly the hustle is a real turn-off

  • you are just getting your business started and want to create your framework now so you can build your business on YOUR TERMS

  • you want to stop the hustle and start taking a systematic approach to getting new qualified leads and fabulous clients

  • you want to stop feeling embarrassed about your business so you can confidently tell your friends and family all about your new venture