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Get Back on Track with

The Procrastinator's Emergency Rescue Kit

Get the Help You Need to Get Your Project Back on Track

The Life-Saving Solution

Is that project you've been trying to finish still not done?  

The Procrastinator's Emergency Rescue Kit is the life-saving solution you've been looking for.

Our Emergency Rescue Kit provides and short video and worksheet to quickly get you back on track with whatever you've been procrastinating on, so you can get it done without the pain, guilt, and embarrassment of another missed deadline.

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Hi, I'm Cheryl,

I know how hard it is to work all by yourself as an online entrepreneur. 

And sometimes you just need someone to talk you off the ledge so you can reset and get back on track.

That's what this mini resource is designed to do.  

It's a quick huddle with me where I walk through what you're working on and figure out what you need to do to get it done.

It's like having a second brain!

So click the button, complete the form and jump over to your email for an email from me, Cheryl and one from GrooveMember, where you'll get access to this life-saving resource.

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Get a Step-by-Step Walk-Through

The Procrastinator's Emergency Rescue Kit provides a walk through video training with proven strategies to help you break through your procrastination and get your project done.

You'll also get step-by-step instructions and worksheet so you can work through what's blocking you and meet your deadline.


"This is a game-changer for all scatter-brains, procrastinators, post-it note people, paper organizer people... anyone with lots of projects to juggle. 

This stuff works!"


Stop Procrastinating and Get Caught Up Today

Don't wait any longer - get the help you need to break through procrastination and meet your deadlines.

The Procrastinator's Emergency Rescue Kit is the quick and effective way to get you back on track to finish that project fast.

Stop procrastinating today and get the help you need to make your dreams a reality.

for coaches, course creators and service professionals

How is The PROcrastinator's emergency rescue kit different?

Like the Free Workbook, A Different Way to Think About Procrastination, this resource will help you dig into why you're procrastinating. However, the difference is that the Rescue Kit will help you zero in on one project and walk you through a process that I use to help get my projects broken down, organized, prioritized and ready to complete so you can finish that project