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Is Procrastination Holding You Back from Launching or Growing Your Online Business?


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Highly recommended

"I highly recommend Cheryl’s teachings and programs for anyone who wants to overcome feelings of overwhelm and build something sustainable, without giving up your life in the process!" ~Beth

Highly recommended

"This program has changed the way I blog and plan. I can't imagine going back" ~Andrea

You Don't Have to Struggle Anymore!

Hi, I'm Cheryl

Are you struggling to get your business off the ground because you have a bad habit of procrastinating?

Well don't worry, you're not alone.

Procrastination is the number one complaint I get from entrepreneurs and believe me, they are NOT lazy, stupid or unmotivated.

But our society has put such a black mark on procrastination that we think of it only as a bad thing. 

However, it's been my experience during my 25 year career as a manager of application development teams and as a productivity and implementation coach of online business owners since 2019, that there are always underlying reasons why this happens.

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So I created this workbook to help you think differently about procrastination, then work through some exercises to help you understand why YOU procrastinate so you can solve this problem fast.

You'll also learn that maybe, sometimes, procrastination isn't a bad thing. I tell you why inside this workbook so you can stop feeling guilt and shame over something that is completely normal.

Ready to take charge of your business and stop letting it run your life?

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