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Obstacle Slayer


Obstacle Slayer

Obstacles are inevitable as you forge the path on your journey as an entrepreneur.  But obstacles should never stop you from succeeding.

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Hi, I'm Cheryl

I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the last several years and one of the common problems I see is the constant barrage of obstacles.

Many obstacles have nothing to do with their area of expertise, but are actually in the process of building their business, marketing their business and developing their offers.

Things like technical issues, perfectionism and even fear.  Fear of being an imposter, fear over privacy concerns and even fear of rejection. 

In this mini eBook you'll get 30+ pages of typical problems you'll likely face as an entrepreneur and then I'll provide some strategies to help you overcome these obstacles so you can avoid frustration, stress and overwhelm and learn to take problems in stride.

Being an entrepreneur is challenging.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  Use this book to help you build more grit and learn better problem solving skills so you never get derailed by another obstacle again.

Cheryl Texeira, founder of The Scrum Shop

You Don't have to Struggle Anymore!

It's time to take charge of your business and stop letting it run your life.

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