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Online Coaches, Course Creators & Service Professionals & Side-Hustlers

Have a Stress-Free Launch

With this Implementation Plan

Take Charge of Your Biz Chllenge

What is Take Charge of Your Launch?

  • a step-by-step guide to know what to do and when to maximize efficiency

  • a week by week schedule that will minimize the impact on your regular work

  • strategies to improve your attendance rate

  • suggestions and ideas to make your launch fun for you and for your attendees

  • Strategies to build your audience prior to your launch with or without ads

  • When I do my time blocks, I am much more productive.

    - Valerie E.

    The biggest transformation for me was to see my tasks in terms of how long they will take. I now see tasks as 15 minutes, 30, 60 and so on. So much easier to plan.

    - Jill G.

    I Started My Business While Working a 9-5

    Hi I'm Cheryl

    When I started my business, I was working a 9-5 as a development and implementation manager in an IT shop. 

    I faced the same challenge you no doubt are facing right now: How to do something as big as a launch on a part time schedule.

    As a certified project manager, I know how helpful having a plan can be, but I also know how heavy that can feel. 

    So I have created a lightweight project and implementation plan for your launch.  

    This plan will not only help you know what to do, but you'll also learn what order to do things to maximize your efficiency. My plan is so easy to follow, that one of my clients did a launch in just 2 weeks!

    Download the guide now and take charge of your launch once and for all.