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Does the thought of promoting your business on social media make you cringe?

Discover the simple strategy I use to promote my business and get high ticket clients without silly gimmicks or even being on camera!

Cheryl Texeira

I understand the challenges of social media are real. 

You might be experiencing . . .

  • Lack of time to learn the skills needed to post consistently

  • Bullies and predators coming out of the woodworks

  • Not feeeling comfortable in front of the camera

  • But you can get started on social media without making yourself vulnerable and spending endless hours learning skills you don't really even want to learn and without being on camera. 

Let's make your very own Social Media Success Story!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now you might be having a few doubts like "Cheryl, what about this, what about that?" I've got you covered!

I'm a bit Skeptical about the Effectiveness of this methodology

I've been using this strategy for years and have gained clients directly from Instagram. Even those who didn't find me there have been impressed by my social media presence, which has boosted my credibility and positioned me as a leader in my niche. So yes, this approach can definitely yield positive results.

What about my Budget constraints

At just $37 you can’t go wrong. This is a great start to your organic marketing strategy. It will help you stop procrastinating and avoiding social media in a low cost, low risk way that will actually bring in clients.

I'm Concerned about the time comitment

Get Started On Social Media: This strategy is designed specifically for setting it up and forgetting about it. You’ll spend just 1-2 hours per month managing it. 2024 Social Media calendar is the second layer that takes a bit more time, but can be done in batches. I personally do this daily and have only skipped 2 days. You can skip days, but I am getting so much more engagement since implementing this strategy in addition to my Get started strategy. Because of this strategy, engagement on my Get started posts has increased as well. Not only have I had discovery calls and new clients coming my way, I have had several requests to do JV partnerships with business owners who have my same audience and compliment what I do.

what if I'm afraid of Technology

This system takes the worry over technology off the table. You don’t have to figure out how to post on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Instead, you’ll connect your accounts to a scheduler and let the scheduler do the work. You can use Canva to create images or just take photos.

I've had Negative experiences before

This strategy will help you ease into the world of Social Media. I’ve really never had any negative comments on my posts. The only issue I’ve had is the “looking for a date” problem and now I simply block them. And you can too.

maybe I prefer Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is so much more expensive than social media marketing. What’s great about social media is you have the ability to reach a world-wide audience while speaking directly to an individual. It’s the best way to connect with your audience.

I have doubts about audience Engagement

You may not get immediate engagement on your posts, that is not the primary goal of this strategy. The primary goal is to create legitimacy for your business with a full online presence. When you get more skilled at social media, you’ll already have a nice foundation of posts so you’re not starting from scratch. Imagine how many posts you could already have out there, if you’d started back then. Don’t wait any longer.

I have massive privacy concerns

You have more control over who is in your world on social media than you do over who lives next door to you. You can unfollow, ignore, block and even report bad actors. Use your defenses not just for you but for your audience too.

Im not totally Aware of the benefits of social media marketing

Please refer to the benefits mentioned earlier for a better understanding of the impact and potential advantages of a strategic social media presence.

I Prefer a DIY Approach

You may think you can do it on your own and you certainly can, but if you’re reading this, you probably haven’t started yet. This system will get you started and break the ice, making it easier for you to take the next steps when you are ready. In the meantime, you’ll have something posting each day, creating a foundation for you to build on. 

Here's what our success stories think,

I was so overwhelmed by social media before, but this guide changed everything! Now, I'm confidently connecting with my audience and seeing real results. Thank you!

Emilly Dougal


As an introvert, I never thought I could excel on social media. But this strategy showed me how to leverage my strengths and build a thriving online presence. Highly recommend!

Natalie Greene

CEO, Clientflows

I used to avoid social media like the plague, but this guide made it feel manageable and even enjoyable. Now, I'm proud of my online presence and its impact on my business!

Barbara Ford


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