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Beth McGrane Tran

"I highly recommend Cheryl’s teachings and programs for anyone who wants to overcome feelings of overwhelm and build something sustainable, without giving up your life in the process!" ~Beth McGrane Tran


  • whether you work alone or with a team, productivity and implementation skills are a must to building, growing and scaling your online business

  • learn how to overcome obstacles and take them in stride because you have the confidence in your problem solving skills

  • have the confidence in your ability to implement strategies of any business coach you choose to work with in the future


  • a productivity and implementation system that will be part of your business foundation and will last for the entire life of your business

  • a part of your business culture that will provide structure, process and accountability whether you work alone or you have a team

  • a system for processing your work, creating rhythm and consistency for a sustainable long term strategy

  • a solution for prioritizing your work and effectively setting timelines so you get your work done without working long hours or sacrificing family time

  • Join the Challenge and Take Charge of Your Biz

    Create Your Productivity and Implementation System in Just 5 Days

    Pam Mencimer

    “I recently took part in a class with Cheryl to learn how to apply Scrum techniques to my blogging and coaching business. I learned some very great techniques to add to my goals toolkit. In conjunction with Cheryl’s program, I am learning how to train my brain to power hour and increase my efficiency in all areas of my life. If you are at all interested in decreasing the hours that you put into work each week, I would highly recommend getting plugged in with Cheryl.” ~Pam Mencimer

    Andrea Brame

    "... it only took a few lessons into the challenge I participated in to open my eyes. I really believe what I learned just in a short time of applying her methods will change the way I blog and plan. It will probably even impact how I manage my home (so many applications for the Scrum method!) I’d never heard of Scrum before working with her and taking the Scrum Challenge. But now that I have, I can’t imagine going back." ~Andrea Brame

    Join the Challenge and Take Charge of Your Biz

    Create Your Productivity and Implementation System in Just 5 Days


    From: Cheryl Texeira, PMP, ASF

    Re: How to Improve Your Time Management Skills and Get More Done


    You have an idea, a passion even, and you want to turn it into a profitable business. Maybe you’re a professional, or a speaker, or an author, or a coach. You want to build a website, write a book, sell a course or a coaching program.


    But as soon as you started you became overwhelmed immediately.  You try to spend time every day to work on your new venture but something always seems to interfere and derail your efforts. Plus, the learning curve of building an online business is so enormous that you find yourself stuck often and down a rabbit hole even more. And worse yet, you struggle to get your family to take your new venture seriously.  

    Even more frustrating, you see other entrepreneurs on your social media feed making it look easy and even bragging about how much money they make and how much freedom they have.


    So what gives?

    The GOOD NEWS is that none of this is your fault!

    You just haven't honed the skills to manage your time as a work-from-home entrepreneur. It has nothing to do with your intelligence, your abilities or your will power.


    The actual issue is that you simply haven't learned what these other gurus have learned about managing their work and finding your rhythm.

    But the good news is that I am going to show you how to manage your work effectively without working long hours or sacrificing family time. In just 5 days.

    That's right! In just 5 days you will know how the gurus seem to do it all and how you can too.

    The Truth is: Managing your online business is a lot easier when you have a framework to depend on.

    I Started My Business While Working a 9-5

    Cheryl Texeira at office

    Me, at my old office

    When I started my business I was working a 9-5 as a development and implementation manager in an IT shop. My work was not passive in any way shape or form. I was busy all day.

    But I had a dream to own my own business so I could be in charge of my own destiny. So I launched my business working just 2 hours per day.

    I quickly became frustrated, overwhelmed and stuck.

    As an IT Professional, I was in charge of small development teams of 12 people or less and with the volume of work we had, I had to help my staff prioritize their work and manage their time so they could get more done in less time, with less stress.

    Plus, I had to manage my desk which included attending and chairing multiple meetings each day, design sessions, trouble shooting sessions, and still make time for doing my actual work at my desk. I thought about how I actually managed all this.

    That is when the lightbulb went off. I realized that what I applied in the office at my 9-5, was not translating to my business. As a certified project manager, Scrum certified professional and 20+ years in the IT industry, I had the education and experience to lead teams through the entire implementation process. And when I applied all this to my business, that's when everything changed for me.

    I suddenly was getting more done, in less time. I felt accomplished and made progress on my projects faster. I had less stress and could step away from my desk with confidence, knowing that I could get back on track the next day with ease.

    That is when I realized that I needed to teach this to everyone!

    And so I came up with a framework for time management and productivity and launched my coaching business so that I could teach my clients how to make the most of the time spent on their businesses, even if it was just a few hours per week.

    Don't Be Fooled by the Noise

    Building, growing and scaling a business is hard work and you will learn skills you never thought possible throughout your journey.

    By prioritizing the skills of time management, productivity and implementation you can make building and growing your business easier, with less overwhelm, less stress and less self-doubt. Don't make the mistake of jumping into expensive business courses and coaching until you have learned these skills. 

    Join the Challenge and create your productivity and implementation system that will have you getting more done, in less time and provide you with a framework to lean on when your business starts to grow.  

    Whether you work alone or have a team, resolving your productivity and implementation problems are single most important thing you can do for your business. 

    Once you learn how to implement effectively and sustainably, the sky is the limit!

    Join the Challenge and Take Charge of Your Biz

    Create Your Productivity and Implementation System in Just 5 Days


    What's Inside the Take Charge of Your Biz Challenge

    In just 5 Days you will have a productivity and implementation system that will have you managing your desk with less stress, less time and more results!

      Assessing the Quantity and Quality of Your Time and Scrum

      Assess your time and learn about the project management framework that is revolutionizing how IT shops and marketing agencies work and how it can change your life too. Learn how to estimate and prioritize your work for a stress free week. By the end of these short lessons you will have a plan of action for your week.

      Built in Accountability

      Learn how to hold yourself (and your team) accountable to the plan of action you created on day 1 and how to identify and overcome obstacles. You'll learn how to track your work to keep you focused on your goals. Plus, you'll learn how to eliminate time wasting activities.

      Stay on Track and Manage Your Progress

      Learn how to monitor your progress through your plan of action and your larger goals with this one activity that will prevent you from scrambling at the end of the week or stressing about deadlines

      Continuous Improvement

      Learn how to release yourself from perfectionism and embrace progress with the Scrum principle of continuous improvement and how to apply it to your business so you can move to profit faster and reach your goals sooner. Learn how Apple used this concept to create the iPhone!

      Maturity Model and Lessons Learned

      Learn how to review your week and your work so you can learn from it and improve your implementation practices for better outcomes. This lesson can be applied to your processes and your offers to turn your ideas into a profitable business without all the stress, late nights and paralyzing self-doubt. You will be ready to build your business to success and will have the system to do it.

    Join the Challenge and Take Charge of Your Biz

    Create Your Productivity and Implementation System in Just 5 Days



    Take Charge of Your Biz Course and  Bonuses
    • Bonus #1 Quick Start Guide

    • Learn why Scrum is the best framework to use for implementing your ideas and how our implementation strategy will have you making progress and profit faster

    • Bonus #2 Take Charge of Your Time

    • Leverage every minute you put toward your business with our Time Management Framework and have the tools to balance work and family life. Step away from your desk with confidence and live your best life. This skillset will save you hundreds of hours and have you completing work efficiently

    • Bonus #3 Sprint Schedule

    • Get the Sprint Schedule we follow and our coaching clients follow that helps you plan your work in small chunks in small pockets of time keeping you focused on what matters now

    • Bonus #4 Productivity Planner

    • Love Paper and Pen? Use our productivity planner and workbook to plan your year, quarter and sprints so you implement the projects that will move you toward your goals

    • Bonus #5 Project Tools

    • Learn the tools that we use at THE SCRUM SHOP© that creates a hub for your business for easy retrieval and management of all your business assets and processes

    • Bonus #6 Take Charge of Your Learning

    • Learn how you can leverage the courses you have already purchased, saving you thousands of dollars. You'll know how to learn effectively without going down a rabbit hole which can derail your efforts and cost hundreds of hours of your time

    • Bonus #7 File Management Made Easy 

    • Take charge of your file management system so you stop spending hours searching for files; a productivity killer! Save hundreds of hours of time and frustration and have a system that works, even as your business grows. You'll get done-for-you policy document and template to make your system official

    • Bonus #8 Obstacle Slayer 

    • Learn problem solving skills so you can overcome obstacles without getting derailed, leaving you feeling like the superhero or your business





    “Do you ever feel guilty about sacrificing family time to work on your business? I struggled with this problem in my first year of trying to build my brand new blog. As a wife, homeschool mother to 5 children, farmer, and new entrepreneur I was stretched very thin. My blog was floundering and my family time was suffering. Cheryl taught me how to develop time blocks to make my time work for me rather than always feeling guilty about sacrificing family time. The scrum method that Cheryl teaches has helped me develop repeatable processes that have doubled productivity in my business. I feel like I am in control of my time rather than always scrambling to get things done. Cheryl starts with big picture thinking and then breaks it down to practical steps to get things done! Not only is Cheryl knowledgeable, but she is also personable and always willing to answer questions and encourage her students. I am so thankful I have found her and how she has adapted the scrum method to blogging. It has changed my productivity and my business.”

    ~ Amy Arthur, Founder, CattleUponAHill.com

    Join the Challenge and Take Charge of Your Biz

    Create Your Productivity and Implementation System in Just 5 Days