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Business Foundation Accelerator

The Step by Step Plan to Launch Your New Online Business Fast!

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"I don't know where to start or what to do"

Are you tired of spinning your wheels, trying to figure out how to launch your new coaching business successfully? 

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of information out there, feeling like you need to start over every time you learn something new? 

Would you like to stop the endless cycle and start taking real game-changing action towards your dreams?

I can help.

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I know right where you're at . . .

Hi, I'm Cheryl

I've always had a burning desire to run my own business. The idea of being in charge of my own fate has always been incredibly enticing.

I started many side hustles over the years while working a 9-5 as an IT Professional but in 2019 I started building websites for other small businesses.

It wasn't long before I became completely overwhelmed trying to do my own marketing and business building along with client work. I knew there had to be a better way.

I started applying some of the proven strategies we used in my 9-5 to manage large volumes of work and within the first week, I felt so much relief that I knew I had to become a coach and teach everyone this remarkable system.

I made a shift in my business and now I help coaches build their businesses from scratch by providing blueprints and detailed action plans along with my signature productivity system based on those proven methods I learned in the IT world that I've adapted for the solopreneur.

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In addition, my background in IT has put me in a unique position to help my clients on the technical side of things so they never get held back by those obstacles.

Now I'm offering the perfect program for new coaches where I show you everything you need to build your business and book your first clients! The best part is you can do it in 90 days or less! Imagine meeting with clients in less than 3 months! 

But don't worry! If it takes you longer, you'll have lifetime access to the program, our private Facebook group and private messenging access to me!  

Regis, health coach

"Not only did I launch my business, I also landed my first paying client!

Having a plan to work through, knowing what to do next, having a repeatable system to constantly improve. I feel like I have someone in my corner now, which feels great. Also it doesn't feel like groping blindly around in the dark anymore. I know where I'm headed."


Building an online business doesn't have to mean late nights, information and work overload or feeling out of control

Build your business like a well oiled machine


Your business blueprint and step-by-step action plan with training and tutorials is waiting for you!

All you have to do is click the button to get started.

Regis, health coach

"I wholeheartedly recommend Cheryl's programs to anyone who finds themselves stuck in a cycle of procrastination or struggling with perfectionism while trying to start or run a business."

Her knowledge, patience, and genuine commitment to her clients' success are truly exceptional."




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What is Business Foundation Accelerator (BFA)?

BFA is a comprehensive program that maps out exactly what you need to do to build your new coaching business.

BFA is not a course. Instead it's a blueprint and step-by-step action plan that walks you through building every component of your business.

BFA is a detailed blueprint that shows you exactly how to set up and build your business, social media, email marketing, Facebook group and conversion events to attract leads and convert them into paying clients.

Yas! Let's Meet!

"Cheryl is an awesome and patient coach who has tremendous technical and project management skills, as well as formidable knowledge of how to run a profitable and efficient online business. This is massively valuable support and guidance to a non-techie, organizationally-challenged person such as myself!

She is a gift for people like me!”




Business Foundation Accelerator is designed specifically for new coaches.


Every coach has a gift to share. Whether you are a health coach, a life coach, a singing coach, an investment coach or a business coach, the systems to attract leads and convert them into paying clients are similar.

BFA will help you put these crucial systems in place all while establishing routines and habits that will ensure a steady stream of clients for years to come.

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for coaches, course creators and service professionals

"This is a game-changer for all scatter-brains, procrastinators, post-it note people, paper organizer people... anyone with lots of projects to juggle. 

This stuff works!"



  • you're a coach of any type looking for a fast and easy, no nonsense way, to launch your business

  • you've been spinning your wheels or jumping from tactic to tactic trying to figure all this out

  • you're tired of procrastinating and ready to get your business launched already

  • you're a new coach who wants to build a business that will change your life without sacrificing your life in the process.

  • you want to have a blueprint to just plug and play, putting your business on the map



  • you're looking for a magic pill and aren't ready and willing to do the work

  • you don't want incredible results that opens up a world of possibilities

  • you don't really want a business - because this system will turn you from hobby mode to business mode fast!

Highly recommend!

"If you are looking to build something sustainable, look no further than Cheryl and her programs." 


Here's How Business Foundation Accelerator can Transform Your Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Streamline Your Path to Success

    Say goodbye to the frustrating delays of getting your business up and running. BFA will guide you through the essential steps, providing you with a roadmap to success. By focusing on the core aspects of your business, you'll quickly identify and address any gaps in your skills and strategy.

  • Embrace Imperfect Action

    Perfectionism can be a dream killer. We'll show you how to overcome the need for perfection and take strategic action. Learn to launch your product or offer, even if it's not the complete vision you have in mind. Just like the iPhone 1, which started with limited features and still made an impact, your early efforts can lead to profitable outcomes.

  • Master Email Marketing Essentials

    Build a powerful connection with your audience through the basics of email marketing. We'll teach you how to welcome subscribers with efficient and effective automations.  Plus you'll learn how to craft compelling offers, even if you only have a small list, so you can sell any time you need to bring cash into your business.

  • Learn the Art of the Lead Magnet

    Create one every month if needed—to understand your audience better and develop an accurate avatar profile through real information, testing, and analysis. Then leverage that lead magnet to generate sales even while you sleep.

  • Establish a Strong Foundation

    Lay the groundwork for your business's success. BFA will guide you through setting up essential components, including a lead magnet, opt-in page, global thank you page that sells for you, delivery emails, welcome email sequences, and offer emails. These critical elements will provide a solid foundation for your business to grow upon.

  • Launch Your Monthly Marketing Campaign System

    Develop a consistent and effective marketing system to promote your lead magnets, events, affiliate products, and nurture your audience. Our program will empower you to create engaging content, videos, and emails effortlessly. Say goodbye to inconsistent marketing efforts and hello to a streamlined system that brings results.

"If you are at all interested in decreasing the hours that you put into work each week, I would highly recommend this training”


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Join the Business Foundation Accelerator now and


  • feeling like a failure because you struggle to know what to do and run into obstacles every time you turn around

  • feeling embarrassed that you can't get your business off the ground, because you're overwhelmed and confused by the overload of information out there

  • feeling guilty because your "expensive hobby" is taking you away from family time

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    Andrea - highly

    "Launched my program and sold it ... and not once did I feel overwhelmed or like I was missing key family time.”



    • Take Charge of Your Biz 5 Day eChallenge 

    • Leverage the power of Scrum with my signature productivity system to help you work smarter, not harder allowing you more time freedom so you can truly enjoy your journey.  Includes training in Trello and Jira to manage your wok electronically.

    • Facebook Group Engagement Strategy

    • From setting up your Facebook group to calling out members and engaging with them in a meaningful way, you'll learn easy tasks that yield big results - even booking clients right from your group without sleazy sales tactics.

    • File Management Made Easy

    • Create your file storage system that is logical and makes files easy to find. You'll always know where to put your files and you'll never waste time looking for them either.

    • Facebook Ads Training

    • Every business owner should know how to run Facebook ads. This mini course will help you learn how to create ad campaigns to build awareness and attract leads. I'll even show you some testing strategies to help you use ads to learn more about your audience.

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